Sunday, August 29, 2010

I Thank You

From my heart to yours... I am honestly without words. 

If there's anything that I can say to you it is this:
The support you have shown me from day 1 and especially on Friday (Donation Day) at Babycakes Cupcakes, has been overwhelming.  I thank God for choosing me to walk this path. Your support served as a reward from God to me... confirming in my heart, that with God as my strength, I can do all things. The following is a social media status update via Babycakes Cupcakes...
"Dearest Samantha J., if you know nothing else today, please know that you are greatly loved by many people. We have opened, closed and opened again in an effort to keep Last Friday Donation Day going for Ms. Samantha. We still have some cupcakes, so if you need some sugar, come visit and help us send Samantha on her 2nd mission trip! Peace & Love!" (Friday 3:25pm - Babycakes Cupcakes Owner, Tricia) 
"We are officially sold out of cupcakes...and eggs....and milk. It has been a great day and we thank everyone who came out and bought cupcakes for Last Friday Donation Day and Ms. Samantha! We love you guys!!! We will see you tomorrow. Peace & Love!" (Friday 4:38pm - Babycakes Cupcakes Owner, Tricia) 

It is only because of YOU that I am able to reach unthinkable limits. It is because of YOU that I am blessed beyond belief.  
Thank you to : Babycakes CupcakesPastor Mike of FCBC (Harlem) - your sermons have inspired me unlike anything else next to God.  I thank God for leading me to your word. To my family, my friends, Imani Missionary Baptist Church, Cumulus Broadcasting, KET, First Baptist Church Versailles, Facebook friends, Twitter followers.

Thank you for contributing to my fulling God's will upon my life and my pursuit of happiness.

May you be blessed,
♥Samantha Johnson

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