Tuesday, October 19, 2010

An Amazing story: God's work never ends!

This past weekend I went out with some girlfriends.  We ended up at Waffle House for breakfast and as we walked in, I noticed a man sweeping the parking lot in the cold.  He eventually came in and our waitress decided about 15min. before to quit her job. This man, introduced himself, "Hello, my name is Steven." I refused to shake his hand while I was eating until he at least washed his hands... (that's just me, no harm meant).  I thought he was offended when he walked off.  My friend said, "Oh look! He's really going to wash his hands for you!" He came back and apologized for the dramatic scene between employees that we had just witnessed and asked if we needed anything.  Of course we did... So as he began to wait on us my friends made small talk with him and I asked, "do you go to church?"  He said, "No, I've only been a few months, I don't know of any churches, I'm always working and I'm just trying to make a living and trying to get in good with my two kids who live here and their family. It hasn't been easy, but I'm trying." One of my friends named off some churches and I kindly gave my missionary business card to him.  We left not thinking anything of it and tipped him well.
The next morning, I got up very lazy, dropped my mother off at church... let me be real honest.  I got in at 4am in the morning.  I was extremely tired from a very long over due, fun night out with friends and a heavy Waffle House breakfast.  I told myself I would go back home and set my alarm to get up, but in my heart I knew I probably wouldn't get up for church.  "What's one Sunday...?  I attend church on the regular. I do my good deeds each week.  I acknowledge God every single day and spend my quiet time building a closer relationship with Him." ...those were my thoughts driving home... Before I reached the driveway my cell phone rang.... Yes, you guessed it! It was Steven from Waffle House.  He said, "Hello, Samantha? I just got off work at 7am, I rode the city bus to my apartment and as I was taking off my clothes to go to bed, your card fell out. I would love to go to church, but I don't have any clothes or shoes to wear and well, I don't have a way there. "  Now I was tired... but I knew that his call wasn't just for him, but also for me. I was so excited that someone actually wanted to go to church who hadn't been in over a year. I told him that we would find him a way there and that he could wear whatever he wanted.  I actually wore jeans Sunday so that he would feel comfortable... not that it mattered. Imani is a come one, come all atmosphere... in WHATEVER YOU HAVE IN YOUR CLOSET! =)

To end this story... Steven enjoyed church service, though he was so sleepy by working an overnight shift and getting off at 7am, riding the bus and getting home around 8am.  He left service thanking me over and over. I left service with a wonderful word of God and ready to begin my week.  Though Steven is faced with many challenges at this moment in his life, he knew he needed to seek God before relying on his own understanding. Some of us get so caught up in image and being tired and lazy that we decide to skip out on God every now and then, but it was something to see a man so down, but so adamant about getting in the presence of God in spite of being tired and working all night. I thank God for that reality check!

You never know how God will use you... you cannot plan who you may be an example for. We must be reminded that we are always being watched. Even on a late Saturday night... God's work never ends. You might be the only example someone ever sees of God's will. Make sure you're on your game at all times! God is always on His game for you.

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