Monday, July 12, 2010

The Best is Yet to Come

While I was in the Spirit…

“God showed me some things. He told me some things, revealed some things.  While I was in the spirit, God pointed out some things, that I needed to know.  He showed me my enemies and my friends too, how to look at my troubles and walk right on through.  If you need to know God’s plan for your life, get in the spirit; let the Lord minister to you” 
Through the beginning of this journey I find myself so excited it is difficult to get a full nights rest.  I’m up every hour on the hour, making notes, researching, planning constantly for the next move…filling out envelopes with addresses… and then it hit – while I’ve prepared to take on the cost of this Haiti mission trip alone, I’ve got to come up with the cost of stamps and more envelopes and more paper and of course, my printer ink is completely dry.  It’s funny because the resources that you think you have, when you need them most, the devil has a way of making them unavailable.  Or better yet, God has a way of testing my faith during this time.  I’ve been dealing with a lot personally aside from my planning these missions God has put on my heart and even the smallest disappointment can send me to tears.  But I felt God a few weeks ago place on my heart this understanding, “when I’m walking the path God has laid for me, I will lose some of the closest people to me and when I feel I’m at my highest, I just may be getting ready to meet my lowest point.  But I am not to be discouraged too much that I lose focus and fall short of my destiny.  Instead, I am to remain strong in my faith and allow God to make me stronger as a woman of God.” 
Although I’ve gotten a late start b/c the Haiti trip was so last minute, I feel passionate enough to know that this is what God has for me and He will provide a way.  While I am struggling now to find transportation to Atlanta to leave with the group and a way back, I know it will work out.  I cannot wait until the day I’m looking back at all of the obstacles I am facing and will have faced and am able to give God the honor for working it all out in my favor.  Right now, I’m leaning on riding the Greyhound to and from Atlanta b/c I do not see renting a car in the budget!   I wish I had a family member or awesome friend who was willing to make the investment in me and see that this is the beginning of my future – a very prosperous future and they will only benefit from helping me, but that’s no one’s responsibility, but my own.  (If anyone out there reads this and has the means & wants to invest the time –if I provide gas money- let me know!) I’m also taking donations of stamps, lol, as I’ve gone through multiple books of stamps already and can’t afford anymore if I’m going to pay for this trip alone.  I was able to get a company to donate some extra envelopes- I’ll be thanking them and donating to them once I make it! =) It’s the small things.  In light of all my frustrations, I know that they are nothing compared to what the children of Haiti are going through, those who are abandoned or on their death beds. I look forward to the fulfillment I will get personally from giving back to those who need it and knowing that my struggle… sacrificing all of my finances, eating, or not paying a personal bill was well worth it.  I have no regrets – the best is yet to come!  Amen, so be it! 

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