Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Extra! Extra! Read all about it... Help me tell the WORLD about it!

I am taking any and all ideas for fundraising!  I will be linking up with Willie Eames and his wife Blake Eames, both local artists of Lexington, KY to come up with a missionary fundraiser very soon.  In the meantime, I would like to take you up on your talents and/or ideas, whether it be at a local venue or your church!
I'm completely open and willing to try (almost) anything.  It's crunch time ladies & gentlemen.  Put on your thinking hats... since it is almost Christmas, get in the spirit of giving a little early and simply give me an idea.

I would like to ask that many of you donate something to me outside of money.  I would like to challenge you to update your facebook status', tweets on twitter, personal blogs, work bulletin boards, church programs, etc with my blogspot web address and simply send as much traffic as possible to help me spread the word about helping the World!... and maybe...just maybe... someone will be inspired enough to donate via the paypal button or pass along the web address as you did.

I am completely open to speak and present on the issues effecting children across the World and especially the thousands of orphans in Haiti and the children effected with AIDS in Africa.  Many of you know the true passion of my efforts - this is no vacation for me.  There are plenty of ways you can help - donate a book of stamps, tell someone who may not know what I'm doing, send encouragement by posting to my blog posts, etc... I could also use someone's skill to create a logo for me, help me with an awesome business plan layout, and other technical things.  Don't all raise your hands at once. (smile)
"When you think there's nothing you can do...rest assure, there is always something you can do." - Samantha

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