Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What God Has for Me... Is For Me...

I would be lying if I said that everything leading up to my next mission trip has been great.  It hasn't.  Though I've been through many storms in my life, for some reason, more than ever, now seems incredibly difficult.  I would like to blame it on many things, but I can only blame myself.  I know the devil gets busy when God is even busier in our lives and that all things happen for a reason and trials and tribulations are many times, just a test of faith.  Well, I've got faith, I'm a believer in most cliche' phrases and I'm still stuck in a slump.
While things are moving all around me, I feel like nothing is moving in me...through me...for me...  Donations once came pouring in then they stopped. Everyone keeps asking "when are you leaving?"  I want to say something else, but I simply reply, "when I can afford to buy the plane ticket and get my shots."  I feel like I'm letting my real supporters down because I stated I was leaving in the Fall of 2010 to Africa, but it will be at least Winter 2010 before I get up off of the ground...

I don't think people truly understand the importance of financial funding when you're a missionary.  If everyone I knew gave just $5-$10, I believe things would move much quicker. Where are all the people who were so willing to help?  Where are you? Where are the people who were willing to take this to their church famillies on my behalf because they believed in my vision? I am going to reach out again and pray really hard on a few other things possibly hindering me from God's will on my life and see where I end up.

I have some plans in the works... I know God is waiting for me to take that next leap.  

In the meantime, shout out to Bekah Woodall for doing amazing things for Honduras & to Urisa Reve Smith who just came back from Nicaragua!!!  You both inspire me & I'm very proud to know you!


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